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My name is Vaiva, which translates to “deity of the rainbow” in old Lithuanian mythology. Nearly 6 years ago, I founded SOLIDU from my kitchen.

SOLIDU wasn’t created as a hobby but instead was born out of a deep reflection on underlying problems. I was backpacking through China & Southeast Asia and I always wanted my hair to look and feel amazing – even when I washed it in a stream outside. I needed a shampoo that was light and easy to carry, extremely effective, and allowed in carry-on luggage. Solid shampoo was a perfect solution, which I admit I didn’t know existed before that trip, and it blew my mind!

While I travelled, another persistent thought was nagging at me: there was a lot of trash. I lived in China at that time and the endless stream of waste generated every day by millions of people (including me) was impossible to ignore. It didn’t end there – plastic littered every beach, jungle, and forest that I visited. With this in mind, I knew I could never go back to using a liquid shampoo from a plastic bottle.

You can probably see where this is going! I started experimenting with solid cosmetics in my kitchen: cooking soaps, making solid shampoosconditioners, and lip balms. After countless tries, mistakes, and testing on friends and family, SOLIDU was born. It combined everything that I craved to find in a product: uncompromising efficacy, unique scents, and completely zero-waste packaging that you can compost in your own home.

SOLIDU has grown into the largest solid cosmetics producer in Lithuania and can now be found in over 20 international markets around the globe. SOLIDU is changing the way we look at cosmetics and, in turn, creating a better life for future generations. Use the link on this page to download our product guide and learn more about what we offer. You will also find a link to our webshop where we have set up a special show discount, just for you! We love meeting new people so do not hesitate to contact us to introduce yourself!

To a brighter future,