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We are SOLIDU, a solid cosmetics startup from Lithuania that creates ethical, innovative, and waterless beauty products packaged in 100% backyard compostable boxes.

SOLIDU is part of a growing market segment of waterless beauty ($9.7 billion market in 2023, and a predicted $27.84 billion by 2033). And with every sale, we create lasting positive impact:

• SOLIDU has already prevented 320,008 plastic bottles (over 11 tons of plastic) from existing and being discarded into the environment. If you stack them, that’s 7 Mount Everests of plastic bottles.

• SOLIDU has already saved 60 tons of CO2 emmissions.

• Each SOLIDU bar saves 239.2gm of water over shampoo bottles.

• We have already generated €1.8 million in sales since inception (€370k in 2023).

• SOLIDU has presence in 13 global markets.

• We have ongoing contracts with major retailers such as Eurovaistine, Rimi, Douglas, Zalando, and others.

After just closing a successful crowdinvesting campaign, we are now raising an additional €300k to accelerate our sales and marketing efforts.

Founder & CEO